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Substantial numbers of pupils at Forest School come from families with no previous tradition of independent education.

At any one time around 20% of pupils benefit from some level of support. Our scope to offer more is restricted by the fact that the School's Trust Funds are very limited. Our aim is to secure funding to introduce more awards, particularly means-tested bursaries. For more information on current Scholarships and Bursaries, please go to the Admissions section.

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"I arrived at Forest in 1955 aged eleven being one of the new boys whose education fees were paid by Essex County Council. After seven happy and rewarding years at school I made the most of this with a place at Oxford and a career in investment management.

Thank you, Forest."

Guy Stokely (Poole's 1955-1962)

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"I have many happy memories of Forest School where I received a first rate education. I feel that the seven years I spent at Forest formed a very solid foundation for my career. I was happy to make a financial contribution to the Scholarship and Bursary Programme.

Forest School gave me a great start in life and it's a pleasure to be able to offer something back in return."

Simon Lack (Copeland's 1973-1980)

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"I entered Forest Sixth Form with the help of an Ogden Scholarship which aims to support pupils who wish to study A Level Physics in the independent sector.

I was delighted by the wide range of opportunities presented to me at Forest and I went on to study Medicinal Chemistry at the University of St Andrews."

Sian Davies (Kingsley 2008-2010)


The diverse backgrounds of our pupils ensure that the values and ideals of the School are maintained and the great potential of our pupils is encouraged. Every bursary we award is transformational for the pupil recipient. Our ambition is to increase the number of awards we can make. If just 22 people donated the price of two adult cinema tickets - £20 - per month for seven years they will have funded a 33% bursary award for a deserving pupil.

  10% of School income is re-invested into our Scholarship and Bursary Programme. Means-tested Bursaries are extended by outside support from the Ogden Trust, Mulalley and Co Ltd and Chartwells and donations from parents and Old Foresters. We are seeking funds so that we can continue to make financial help available and extend access to those who could not otherwise enjoy Forest's many advantages.

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